Sound technology can be frustrating

It doesn’t have to be. Sorting through estimates and reviewing different companies is often overwhelming. We have been there and we understand. We recognize the difference between church audio and the music performance industry. As churches, we invest in systems that will be run by volunteers, not by professionals. We are ready to help you invest wisely.

Design, Repair, & Installation

We can offer complete service. With a free analysis, we can help you leverage technology to put it to work so you can focus on your mission.

Empower and Train

We know the power of volunteers. All our services come with training and support when needed. Technology is only as impactful as the team that supports it.

Ministry Focused

We are driven to reach the lost and to be the light in the darkness. We get to use technology as a tool to do so. "Why" first, then "What", and lastly "How".

Complete Upfront Service

We have don't charge labor since we are ministry focused but we will recommend any software or hardware to complete any project. We have a heart to serve the church.

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Basic Pricing

We believe in being upfront and transparent regarding pricing. Time is valuable to your ministry and we want to be good stewards of it.  Contact us for specific pricing or quotes for projects.

COnsulting / Training


per hour

  • FREE - Church Tech Analysis
  • Industry Recommendations
  • Ministry First Focus
  • Upfront Time Estimates
  • 13+ Years Expereince

Install Services


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  • FREE Estimate
  • Professional & Knowledgable
  • Discounted Project Rates
  • 13+ Years Expereince



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  • Full AVL Review
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Frequently asked questions

Yes! We’d love to. Contact us so we can get the details and understand what you want to accomplish.

Yes! No matter how small or big, we’d love to help.

Yes! We’d love to help remotely as much as possible, and will travel if your project requires. If we are not able to help, we would love to connect you with someone locally. Contact us for more details.

We don’t currently have rental equipment, but contact us so we can connect you with a great company that does.

Yes! We’d love to. Contact us so we can get the details and what you are trying to accomplish.