Life Changes – Following God’s Plan – Part 1

Life Changes – Following God’s Plan – Part 1

I really love my house.

We lived in a very small house for almost ten years. By the time we had our fourth kiddo, we were squeezed in at the elbows. I knew we needed to move, but the thought of putting our house on the market for showings while homeschooling and having four young kids was enough to make me want to faint! There was just no way. And how would we afford it? But when there was barely room to squeeze in Bethany’s high chair in our small dining area, I finally conceded.

The Lord granted us favor and brought us to a really lovely home, with much, much more space, and a fantastic backyard. And not only that, but He amazed me by giving us a buyer for our house without ever having to put it on the market or do showings. That in and of itself was SUCH a gift! We felt so blessed and just loved our new home so much. Finally, it felt like we had room to spread out, and be much more accommodating and hospitable to family and friends.

Over the past year after moving in, I would stop and just praise God as I walked around looking at my new home, because I was just so thankful.

Imagine my surprise when I began to feel Him asking me, “Would you be willing to give it up?”What?!?!

Is this a joke, God?! Why would you ask me something like that?

But as time went on and I would continue to praise Him in my gratitude, I would still feel that nudge. “Would you be willing to give it up for Me?” Slowly, painstakingly, I started to realize I was going to have to give Him an answer. This was a scary thought, because what if He was trying to prepare me for something that I objected to being prepared for?! I spent several days praying so that my heart would be in the right place when I did have an answer. Okay…. Yes, Lord… I would be willing to give it up if You asked me to.

There! That was easy enough, right? That’s the answer You were looking for? My heart is willing, so that is enough. Right….? Wrong.

For those of you who don’t know, Adam had to leave his full time job in April. They were not going to be able to pay their employees. We started to get a little nervous because it was a terrible time to be out of work, (hello, pandemic, you are not welcome here) but we desired to be faithful to His will and we promised to go wherever He led us. You would think I would have immediately recalled my pledge to the Lord about giving up my precious house, but no, I didn’t remember. Something about the world turning upside down during that time kept it completely from my mind. I did, however, wish to give Him glory and knew that I would be willing to live in a shack if that was what God called us to do.

For the rest of spring and then summer, there were a lot of emotional ups and downs. Lots of job interviews, and lots of let downs. Sometimes we thought the Lord was calling us to move to a different city, and sometimes it seemed we may even move to a different state altogether. So much emotional back and forth. It was such a season of waiting and being completely dependent on the Lord to provide. We were so thankful for our church family and friends for being the hands and feet of Christ during that time.

We just kept waiting. And waiting.

Adam felt led to begin his Light Media Group business, to help small churches (& small businesses) advance their technology with improved web sites, sound design, streaming, and more. This was something he actually had prayed about last year, but decided it wasn’t the time. A new business is something that takes time to grow, however.

So then we waited some more. It’s hard to remember when it actually came up, but I think it was sometime in June when Adam started wondering aloud what it would be like to live in an RV and travel around to do work for his business, instead of doing it all remotely. I laughed. Four young kids in an RV? Surely you jest!

But… slowly… it began to feel like something the Lord was truly putting in front of us. There was so much to consider and pray about. What started out sounding like a crazy joke actually turned into something that made sense.

  • We already homeschool.
  • Adam could reach and help many more churches (something he feels passionate about) if he were able to physically be present, and not just do it remotely.
  • We would have the opportunity to visit national parks and other places in the US where we could learn and spend time together as a family.
  • There is a pandemic so all of their activities were canceled and places were closed; we were literally just sitting around the house most of the time, anyway. Things have slowly gotten a little better in this regard, but it is still easier to be out in nature instead of public places!
  • It would dramatically lower our expenses until things get better financially, for us and for the economy.

We also could tell that there was still a piece of the story that was missing, but we didn’t know what it was going to be, quite yet.

And my pledge to be willing to give up my sweet home did finally come back to me. He truly was trying to prepare me all along. Plus, I did say back in April that I would be willing to live in a shack if God called us to, right? Boy, our Creator sure does have a sense of humor.

So even though it was hard to commit to the idea of living in an RV, we did. And once we did, the Lord started moving and making His plans abundantly clear.

All of a sudden there was no more waiting, and instead, it was a race to see if we could keep up! Within a few days, the Lord led us to the right vehicle (an Excursion – which they stopped making in 2005, so it can be hard to find one in good condition) that we would need to tow a travel trailer, and we were able to pay cash for it. [[An Excursion is the best choice for us, because it is one of the few vehicles that has the engine and towing capability of a big truck, but has the SUV body style to fit a family of six comfortably.]]

Now we were praying and trying to decide between renting or selling our house. What a big decision at any point, but especially during a pandemic! 🤯 To be continued….

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